Upcoming Events Query for WordPress All-In-One Event Calendar plugin


All-In-One Event Calendar plugin by timely is one of the best plugin options if you have the event posting feature in your website. This plugin makes the event creation very simple and displays the event beautifully.

You can also extend the plugin functionality to share the events in Facebook and twitter by using add-ons which is free of charge. With the release of new version 2.0 this plugin provides the wordpress users a powerful set of features to create the advanced event calendar.

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How to Reset Your Lost WordPress Password?


Usually when you lost your wodpress password or forgot your wordpress password you can always reset your password by “Lost Password” link on the login screen which will ask you the username and email address of the account you wish to reset, when entered correctly you will sent with the new password through email.

Sometimes there are cases you forgot your username and email address of the wordpress account you wish to reset in that you can reset your password by editing your wordpress database by following the below steps.

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Highlighting content in a Feature Box for WordPress using CSS


WordPress offers lots of plugins that comes handy but using lots of plugins may slow down your website and lead to plugin conflicts so here is a small piece of CSS code that you can use to highlight content using a feature box.

The below CSS code can be used to show a line or a paragraph in a colored box using HTML tags. Here is an example of how it looks,
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Youtube Direct Guide

YouTube Direct, you can now have your visitors upload videos from your website and moderate them from an administration dashboard. YouTube Direct consists of 2 components,

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How to Backup and Restore WordPress Database Manually


A successful blogger always cares about his database because it means great time to him. It is the most essential part of a blogger to run a periodical backup of the database. If you have not yet installed and activated the WordPress Database Backup Plug-in, we request you to read our other article Important things you must do after WordPress installation and install the back up plug-in. Even though the database backup plug-in is available it is always better to know how to manually backup and restore WordPress Database.

We provide here a quick guide to Backup and restore WordPress Database manually using phpMyAdmin.

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How to Change WordPress Admin Username


After the successful installation of WordPress, the most important thing you have to do is changing the temporary password created by WordPress but unfortunately you can not change the username. Hence, it is possible for a hacker who can easily use a brute force attack on the admin account and take control of your WordPress Admin Panel. So, we advice you to change the WordPress admin user name at the earliest in order to increase security.

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Important things you must do after WordPress Installation


Installing WordPress is not a big deal but once the installation is complete there are some important tasks that you must do to get most out of your blog.

Below is the list of check points like installing essential plug-in and choosing the right theme etc.

  • Change Admin Password
  • Activate your theme
  • Configure Permalinks
  • Activate Akismet
  • Add Categories & Rename Uncategorized
  • Database Backup
  • Track Blog Traffic
  • Test with Dummy Post
  • Google XML Sitemap
  • Submit your RSS Feed to Feed Burner

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Installing WordPress on your website


WordPress is the best blog publishing application and content management system. Further, WordPress is one of the trustworthy open source blog scripts freely available at present. Nowadays, most of the web hosts provide a one click installation of WordPress installation through Fantastico script. If the above feature is not available with your web host or if you wish to take more advantage of WordPress; install WordPress by yourself.

WordPress installation is easy and it will take less than 5 minutes time to install. Below is the step by step installation guide of WordPress.

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