Upcoming Events Query for WordPress All-In-One Event Calendar plugin


All-In-One Event Calendar plugin by timely is one of the best plugin options if you have the event posting feature in your website. This plugin makes the event creation very simple and displays the event beautifully.

You can also extend the plugin functionality to share the events in Facebook and twitter by using add-ons which is free of charge. With the release of new version 2.0 this plugin provides the wordpress users a powerful set of features to create the advanced event calendar.

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Apple iPad – New power packed eye catching tablet


Apple introduced iPad, a tablet computer for the new generation. The products of Apple Inc. are always known for their simplicity and clarity, iPad is one such new gadget.  The functions of the iPad are more or less similar to the functionality of an iPod.  .  The iPad is designed to work as a laptop.  It executes all the tasks of a laptop with the support of iPhone OS 3.2. It is quite marvelous to watch a thinnest gadget performing everything that a modern man expects from a laptop, a media player and a mobile phone.

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Elegant Themes – Premium WordPress Themes


“Your website is not just a tool; it is an integral part of your identity”.

Everyone who lives in this modern world has to agree with the above words of Mr. Nich Roach of Elegantthemes. Yes, the business credentials are estimated today by analyzing the company’s website first. People trust the website which is professionally crafted and they are willing to transact through such website at once. Thus an elegant theme of a website plays a vital role in modern day business. This scenario in business increased the need for professionally designed website themes

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