20 Best CSS Pagination Styles for Free Download


Pagination plays a vital role in most of the websites, blogs and search engines to present the users to browse through large chunk of a pages into multiple small sections. Paginations are nowadays a necessity in search engines and blogs so making it stand out with CSS styling will help users to access the pages in a better way.

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Tips and Tricks for Creating a Great Facebook Cover Photos


Facebook Cover Photo is the best way to express yourself or your brand because “A picture is worth a thousand words” and your Facebook Cover Photo is the first thing people will notice on your Facebook Page.

For some, a Facebook Cover Photo is just a picture on top of their Facebook Page but others consider it seriously to market their brand. A perfectly designed Facebook Cover Photo will always help your page get more likes and push people to share your page with others among their network thus increasing your brand value.

Now you know the importance of your Facebook Cover Photo and excited to design your next Facebook Cover Photo , We like to share our tips and tricks to create your own Facebook Cover Photo that will look eye-catching and perfect.

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Upcoming Events Query for WordPress All-In-One Event Calendar plugin


All-In-One Event Calendar plugin by timely is one of the best plugin options if you have the event posting feature in your website. This plugin makes the event creation very simple and displays the event beautifully.

You can also extend the plugin functionality to share the events in Facebook and twitter by using add-ons which is free of charge. With the release of new version 2.0 this plugin provides the wordpress users a powerful set of features to create the advanced event calendar.

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Free Responsive CSS Menu


Responsive design is the most happening thing in the web right now and most of us are familiar with the responsive web design. Responsiveness should be carried throughout the design from images, content to the menu. The navigation menu plays a major role while doing responsive websites because user experience and ease of navigation is our ultimate goal.

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How to Reset Your Lost WordPress Password?


Usually when you lost your wodpress password or forgot your wordpress password you can always reset your password by “Lost Password” link on the login screen which will ask you the username and email address of the account you wish to reset, when entered correctly you will sent with the new password through email.

Sometimes there are cases you forgot your username and email address of the wordpress account you wish to reset in that you can reset your password by editing your wordpress database by following the below steps.

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Highlighting content in a Feature Box for WordPress using CSS


WordPress offers lots of plugins that comes handy but using lots of plugins may slow down your website and lead to plugin conflicts so here is a small piece of CSS code that you can use to highlight content using a feature box.

The below CSS code can be used to show a line or a paragraph in a colored box using HTML tags. Here is an example of how it looks,
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How to stop search engines from crawling a file or folder using Robots.txt


Robots.txt is a file which instructs search engine crawlers, spiders and robots which part of the site to be indexed and which part of the site not be indexed.

Basically you don’t need a robots.txt file unless you have content that you don’t want Google or any other search engines to index.  Don’t create a robots.txt file if you like search engines to crawl your entire website.

Using robots.txt file you can easily eliminate a URL from being indexed in search engine search results. Below are some helpful commands that can used to Disallow files and folders on your website in your robots.txt file.

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How to backup and restore skype app chat history in windows 8

Backup and restoring skype app chat history for windows 8 is easy. So it’s always better to have a backup of the skype chat history.Here is an easiest way to backup skype app chat history for windows 8 without using any software’s. It will be easy and quick, Before starting the backup process drag down the skype window to close it and follow the below steps.

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